Conservation Awareness

To educate adults about orangutan and habitat conservation issues, GPOCP distributes information through mass media. We host several weekly radio show that engage citizens on a variety of local issues (e.g., pest outbreaks related to deforestation, oil palm development, forest fires) through informative, interactive talk shows and special guest presentations. In 2013 these programs reached an estimated 400,000 listeners per month across the area around the National Park, with a total of 196 individual radio programs. GPOCP also produces a quarterly newsletter (Media Informasi Pencinta Satwa (MIaS), which translates to “Information for Animal Lovers”) focusing on a variety of conservation issues and posts billboards, posters, and other signage to deal with specific problems such as human-wildlife conflict. We also use Facebook and Twitter to reach out to the wider Indonesian community; our Yayasan Palung Facebook page has over 3,250 followers and our Yayasan Palung Twitter account has put out almost 2,000 tweets about conservation, orangutans, and the environment. Finally, we are very active in both print and online media; in 2013 GPOCP published 108 news articles in seven different newspapers. Our online publications often appear on National Geographic Indonesia, Mongabay Indonesia, and Borneo Climate Change websites- these publications alone had over 11,600 readers last year.

A group of students gathered to celebrate World Environment Day

film showing at Tanjung Baik Budi

Villagers in Tanjung Baik Budi watch conservation-themed films as part of our mobile cinema















GPOCP works to raise conservation awareness through more targeted efforts in the community as well. We regularly host a traveling mobile cinema which shows a series of conservation-themed films in the villages around Gunung Palung National Park (including one GPOCP produced about our community forest initiative) and is followed by community discussions. These events allow us to reach people in an informal but informative way, and in 2013 our total audience was 1,700 people. GPOCP also sponsors numerous special events that coincide with international events, the most notable being International Orangutan Day, Environmental Day and Orangutan Caring Week. Indonesia celebrated International Orangutan Day for the first time in 2013, and GPOCP collaborated with two other organizations to organize the celebration in the city of Ketapang. GPOCP staff members and volunteers marched around the town wearing orangutan masks and distributing information. For World Environmental Day 2013, we held an essay writing competition between six schools in Ketapang. 200 students participated in the event, which also included tree planting and cleaning competitions under the national “Clean and Green School” initiative. The winning essay was titled, “How air pollution influences people’s lives.” Finally, for Orangutan Caring Week, our volunteer youth group in Ketapang (TAJAM) organized a massive bicycle tour around the city with orangutan pictures and conservation slogans displayed on the bikes. In the rural village of Sukadana, our other volunteer youth group (REBONK) organized an orangutan and habitat protection petition that collected 1,000 signatures in a single afternoon.


Our conservation youth groups raise awareness about orangutan conservation for International Orangutan Day and Orangutan Caring Week. We appreciate their enthusiasm!

Our conservation youth groups raise awareness about orangutan conservation for International Orangutan Day and Orangutan Caring Week. We appreciate their enthusiasm!