Rivers and Biodiversity Around Gunung Palung National Park

By Edward Tang, Conservation Education Coordinator   Do you know why we should protect local rivers and forests? Of course the obvious reasons include species and habitat conservation, but healthy ecosystems also help prevent many natural disasters from occurring. Some of the benefits include better drainage to prevent flooding and erosion, and helping to maintain […]



A Rainforest Internship

By Muhlis Saputra, BOCS Recipient     Through the Bornean Orangutan Caring Scholarship (BOCS), offered to me by the Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program, I have carried out a one month internship for each year of my studies. I am currently in my final year at Tanjungpura University, where I study forestry, so last month […]

Getting to Know Our Local Scholars

By Mariamah Achmad, Conservation Education Manager For the past month, the GPOCP office in Ketapang has been alive with youthful chatter as we had our Bornean Orangutan Caring Scholarship (BOCS) recipients here to participate in their internship as part of their scholarship requirement. The BOCS is designed for local students in the Gunung Palung landscape […]



Close Encounters with Alfred and Walimah

By Cheryl Knott, GPOCP Executive Director     It’s dark now and Walimah has finally made her nest and gone to bed.  Hassan and Sahril are giving the tree an aluminum tag with the number 79589. It’s hard to believe that the study site has that many tagged trees – most of them representing where […]

Appreciating Forest Mega-Flora

By Kat Scott, Research Manager Hailing from the UK, I am used to ancient oak woodlands and man-made pine forests. Until coming to Borneo, I assumed that apart from the redwoods in America, British trees were the biggest that there were. However, having worked in Kalimantan for the past few years, I have quickly realized […]