Drama in the Forest

By Brodie Philp, GPOCP Research Manager   The forest in Gunung Palung National Park is ever changing. Through our daily searches and follows one becomes very familiar with every area of the forest. During our nightly meetings the status of one single tree in this vast rainforest can be discussed as if it were a […]

GPOCP Goes to Germany

By Mariamah Achmad, GPOCP Environmental Education Manager I just had the experience of a lifetime! For the past two decades I have been an activist on behalf of the environment and women’s rights and was thrilled to be invited to attend the People’s Climate Summit in Germany. FAMM Indonesia (the Young Indonesian Youth Activist Forum) and […]

Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of the Gunung Palung Orangutan Project

By Cheryl Knott, PhD, GPOCP Executive Director   On October 7th I was honored to receive a 2017 Pongo Environmental Award for “significant field work furthering our understanding of the Bornean orangutan as well as dedicated efforts to conserve the species and educate the public over the past quarter century.” The award was presented at […]

Keeping with Tradition and Caring for the Earth

By Wendy Tamariska, GPOCP Sustainable Livelihoods Manager   This month GPOCP and our artisans were invited to participate in the Harvest Festival of Raya Nusantara, or PARARA, held in Jakarta. This event occurs every two years with the aim to promote locally made products by indigenous tribes and communities from all over Indonesia. There were […]

Bringing Research to the Village

By Wahyu Susanto, GPOCP Research Director   Cabang Panti Research Station is often thought of as this mystical place. The research station is not open to tourists, so even though many people have heard of it, few have actually been to Cabang Panti. So this month we decided to bring the research station to the […]