Environmental Education and Conservation Awareness Expedition to Two Customary Forest Villages

By Widiya Octa Selfiany, Environmental Education and Conservation Awareness Manager Our Environmental Education and Conservation Awareness program carried out an expedition, from May 17-21, in the Padu Banjar and Pulau Kumbang Customary Forests. Padu Banjar and Pulau Kumbang are villages located in Simpang Hilir District, Kayong Utara Regency, in West Kalimantan (Borneo). The expedition was […]

Assessing the Habitat Quality of Customary Forests for Orangutans

By Andre Ronaldo, Botanist and Survey Coordinator Hutan Desa (which directly translates to “village forests”) are forests where the community has been given management rights with the aim of preserving the forest and the welfare of the surrounding community. Hutan Desa play an important role in supporting the preservation of biodiversity, including the survival of various types of […]

A Special Visit from Our Research Counterpart

By Tri Wahyu Susanto, Research Director In March 2022, we received a visit from an Indonesian orangutan researcher who is quite well known among world orangutan researchers – Sri Suci Utami Atmoko, or better known as Suci. Ibu Suci is a lecturer in the Department of Biology at the National University (UNAS) in Jakarta, and […]

Production of Liquid Smoke and Organic Fertilizer as an Effort to Prevent Forest and Land Fires

By Edi Rahman, Conservation Field Director Every year, Borneo faces devastating forest fires. Prevention of these forest and land fires is a shared responsibility and early prevention efforts have proven to be successful in reducing the amount of land burned each year. One of the efforts we make at Yayasan Palung (GPOCP) is to provide […]