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World Rainforest Day – Restoring the World’s Rainforests During a Global Pandemic

By Natalie Robinson, Program Coordinator Monday June 22nd was World Rainforest Day. This holiday, first celebrated in 2017, serves as a day to raise awareness and encourage action to save the Earth’s rainforests. To virtually spread awareness this year, GPOCP Executive Director Cheryl Knott was invited to join a live webinar hosted by Health in Harmony. […]

Off to University after Three Years as a Field Lab Assistant

By Muhammad Syainullah, Field Laboratory Assistant I first went to Cabang Panti Research Station in April 2017. I had been a conservation volunteer at the Yayasan Palung (GPOCP) office through the youth group Relawan Konservasi Taruna Penjaga Alam (RK-TAJAM) for almost three years. During this time I campaigned to save orangutans and the forest, even though […]

Earth Day 2020

By Victoria Gehrke, Conservation Program Director Same day, different year, but a world view ago. Last year for Earth Day, GPOCP staff and volunteers headed out to pick up trash in the local city park and created awareness about caring for our Earth and preventing pollution. For Earth Day 2020, we, along with the rest of […]

GPOCP and Yayasan Palung Go Virtual

By Cheryl D Knott, PhD, Executive Director, Professor, Boston University and Victoria Gehrke, Conservation Program Director As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, it has also reached the cities and towns of Indonesia. The Ketapang Regency, where our office is located, has now issued regulations to limit transportation and large gatherings, close schools and some […]

Save WILD Orangutans Launch!

By Cheryl Knott and Tim Laman This past month we officially launched our new online membership community, Save Wild Orangutans. We have been busy creating a brand new website, revamping our social media accounts, and re-branding our platform in order to expand our project even further. We’ve decided to call this new initiative Save Wild Orangutans because […]

Our Disney Conservation Hero

By Victoria Gehrke, Conservation Program Director One of GPOCP’s conservation strategies is to work within the heart of local communities, inspiring behavioral change and long-term thinking for wildlife conservation success. Our capacity building model works with villagers to hone in on a craft that interests them and what they assess as beneficial. This ensures continued […]