Pursuing a Master’s in Biology & Research Plans at GPNP   Recently updated !

By Endro Setiawan I am currently in my second semester of graduate school at the Universitas Nasional (UNAS) in Jakarta, Indonesia. I began taking courses last fall in order to receive my Master’s degree in Biology. During my first semester I took 7 courses and finished final exams with a GPA of 3.95! So far […]

World Rainforest Day – Restoring the World’s Rainforests During a Global Pandemic   Recently updated !

By Natalie Robinson, Program Coordinator Monday June 22nd was World Rainforest Day. This holiday, first celebrated in 2017, serves as a day to raise awareness and encourage action to save the Earth’s rainforests. To virtually spread awareness this year, GPOCP Executive Director Cheryl Knott was invited to join a live webinar hosted by Health in Harmony. […]

Off to University after Three Years as a Field Lab Assistant

By Muhammad Syainullah, Field Laboratory Assistant I first went to Cabang Panti Research Station in April 2017. I had been a conservation volunteer at the Yayasan Palung (GPOCP) office through the youth group Relawan Konservasi Taruna Penjaga Alam (RK-TAJAM) for almost three years. During this time I campaigned to save orangutans and the forest, even though […]

Lasers and Orangutans: Measuring Growth from a Distance

By Ella Brown, Research Manager I have been the Research Manager for the Gunung Palung Orangutan Project since April 2019. Sadly, I am not in the field anymore, but continuing to help the project as much as I can from my home in America. I have managed a variety of data collection methods for the […]