Counting Orangutans: Completing our Nest and Phenology Survey in Gunung Palung National Park   Recently updated !

By Andre Ronaldo, GPOCP Botanist For the past year we have been conducting a survey to estimate the population of wild orangutans in Gunung Palung National Park. In order to estimate the orangutan population, we can count the number of nests in trees along transects throughout the park. Because orangutans sleep in a nest each night, and […]

Off to University after Three Years as a Field Lab Assistant   Recently updated !

By Muhammad Syainullah, Field Laboratory Assistant I first went to Cabang Panti Research Station in April 2017. I had been a conservation volunteer at the Yayasan Palung (GPOCP) office through the youth group Relawan Konservasi Taruna Penjaga Alam (RK-TAJAM) for almost three years. During this time I campaigned to save orangutans and the forest, even though […]

Lasers and Orangutans: Measuring Growth from a Distance

By Ella Brown, Research Manager I have been the Research Manager for the Gunung Palung Orangutan Project since April 2019. Sadly, I am not in the field anymore, but continuing to help the project as much as I can from my home in America. I have managed a variety of data collection methods for the […]

Earth Day 2020

By Victoria Gehrke, Conservation Program Director Same day, different year, but a world view ago. Last year for Earth Day, GPOCP staff and volunteers headed out to pick up trash in the local city park and created awareness about caring for our Earth and preventing pollution. For Earth Day 2020, we, along with the rest of […]

#ActLikeAnOrangutan – Practice Social Distancing

By Cheryl D Knott, PhD, Executive Director, Professor, Boston University As the human world struggles with the global COVID-19 pandemic, we perhaps can learn something from orangutans. Unlike most primates, who are known for their high sociality and group living behavior, orangutans spend the majority of their time alone. What can these semi-solitary apes teach us […]