Another Chance for Walimah

By Cheryl Knott, Executive DirectorI wake up early, still tired from the 13 km hike into Cabang Panti the day before, but eager to see Walimah and her new baby. It’s been almost four years now since she lost her infant in what we suspect was an infanticidal attack, that also left her severely injured and […]

Indonesia’s Fiery History

By Victoria Gehrke, Conservation Program DirectorIt’s hard to miss in the media lately – the world’s rainforests are on fire.Borneo is burning and the smoke from the fires of Sumatra and Borneo is lingering over all of Southeast Asia, causing schools and businesses to temporarily close. People are having to wear masks and are already […]

Parasite Infection among Orangutans in Gunung Palung

By Natalie Robinson, Research AssistantDuring the past year, as a Research Assistant at Cabang Panti, I took a particular interest in orangutan health, as knowledge of this critically endangered species’ health and disease status can help us to further understand their long-term viability. An important tool in the assessment of wild orangutan health is the […]

From Farmers to Facilitators – Natural Resource Assessment

By Petrus Kanisius, GPOCP Communications & Media Officer  One of our most successful working models for fulfilling long-term conservation goals is our grassroots-to-government approach where we work closely with communities to understand their situation, adapt our approach and involve them as much as possible in all steps of the process. This largely involves capacity building […]

Historical Data Leads to New Discoveries

By Amy Scott, PhD Candidate at University of Boston Our lab investigates how reproductive strategies impact the sociality of orangutans by utilizing long-term behavioral data from the orangutans in Gunung Palung National Park. Because primates tend to be highly social mammals, they are ideal for studying how ecological and social factors impact the size and structure of […]