A Rare Interaction Between an Orangutan and Kalimantan Slow Loris

By Suharto, Field Research Assistant Hello my name is Suharto, but people call me Toto for short. I come from Matan Jaya Village, in the upper reaches of West Kalimantan. I work for the Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program (GPOCP/Yayasan Palung). My job is as a field research assistant, where I work in collaboration with […]

Encounters with Biodiversity in the Padu Banjar Customary Forest

By Erik Sulidra, Animal Protection and Rescue Manager, and Petrus Kanisius, Communications Officer Every year, Yayasan Palung and Customary Forest Management Boards (LPHD) conduct biodiversity surveys in each Customary Forest. In 2021, the team began first with the Customary Forest of Padu Banjar in Simpang Hillir District, Kayong Utara Regency. This forest alone is about […]

Beginning Research in the Rangkong Area, Gunung Palung National Park

By Andre Ronaldo, Rani Ferdianty & Tri Wahyu Susanto This year we have expanded our research to the Rangkong area which is about 2 km south of Cabang Panti Research Station, towards the western edge of Gunung Palung National Park. In general, our goal in conducting research in the Rangkong is to study the differences between orangutans […]

Celebrating World Orangutan Day 2021

By Petrus Kanisius and Riduwan Every year on August 19th we commemorate World Orangutan Day. This day is a reminder for all citizens of the world to save the fate of orangutans and their habitat. This year, World Orangutan Day took the theme “Habitat Restoration, Conserving Orangutans, Care of Civilization”. This year, Yayasan Palung (GPOCP), […]

Studying Orangutan Insect Consumption at Cabang Panti Research Station

By Erina Safitri, Student Researcher Hello. I am Erina Safitri, a senior student at the Faculty of Forestry, Tanjungpura University (UNTAN), Pontianak. I am also a West Bornean Orangutan Caring Scholarship (WBOCS) recipient. I really like the forest. At university I’ve learned many things about forests and their components. As part of WBOCS we are […]

Devastating Floods and Landslides in Kayong Utara Regency, West Kalimantan

By Petrus Kanisius, Communications Officer With every rainy season that arrives, we are very vulnerable to the potential for flooding and landslides, especially in several areas of the Kayong Utara Regency. This possibility keeps us all vigilant, particularly those who live around the region’s large hills. Though heavy rainfall can be a natural phenomenon, flooding […]