Daily Archives: April 4, 2020

#ActLikeAnOrangutan – Practice Social Distancing

By Cheryl D Knott, PhD, Executive Director, Professor, Boston University As the human world struggles with the global COVID-19 pandemic, we perhaps can learn something from orangutans. Unlike most primates, who are known for their high sociality and group living behavior, orangutans spend the majority of their time alone. What can these semi-solitary apes teach us […]

GPOCP and Yayasan Palung Go Virtual

By Cheryl D Knott, PhD, Executive Director, Professor, Boston University and Victoria Gehrke, Conservation Program Director As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, it has also reached the cities and towns of Indonesia. The Ketapang Regency, where our office is located, has now issued regulations to limit transportation and large gatherings, close schools and some […]

Knowledge Exchange from West to East

By Andre Ronaldo, GPOCP Botanist and Survey Coordinator, with forward by Cheryl Knott, GPOCP Executive Director The Cabang Panti Study Site, within Gunung Palung National Park, is situated to give access to no less than 8 different rainforest habitat types. This unparalleled habitat diversity means that orangutans here have potential access to a huge diversity of […]

Save WILD Orangutans Launch!

By Cheryl Knott and Tim Laman This past month we officially launched our new online membership community, Save Wild Orangutans. We have been busy creating a brand new website, revamping our social media accounts, and re-branding our platform in order to expand our project even further. We’ve decided to call this new initiative Save Wild Orangutans because […]

A Year for the Jungle Books

By Tori Bakley, GPOCP Research Assistant As a research assistant for GPOCP, 2019 was a full-immersion into research, conservation, and cultural exploration. I did not visit any of my family or friends during my year with the project, but I did spend every day with incredible new friends in an incredible new place that quickly […]

Our Disney Conservation Hero

By Victoria Gehrke, Conservation Program Director One of GPOCP’s conservation strategies is to work within the heart of local communities, inspiring behavioral change and long-term thinking for wildlife conservation success. Our capacity building model works with villagers to hone in on a craft that interests them and what they assess as beneficial. This ensures continued […]