Following Orangutans in a Secondary Forest Area

By Sabta Pelari, Rangkong Research Coordinator My name is Sabta and I now work as the Rangkong Research Coordinator for the Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program (Yayasan Palung). Before I started in this role in January, I served as a Field Research Assistant for seven years. Now, I stay at the new Rangkong camp throughout […]

SMART Patrols & Wild Orangutans in Nipah Kuning Village Forest

By Edi Rahman, Conservation Field Director The Sungai Paduan Protected Peat Forest (Hutan Lindung Gambut, or HLG) makes up an area of approximately 6,788 hectares, most of which is peat swamp rainforest. This is a great habitat for many types of animals, including the critically endangered orangutan. In 2017, GPOCP/Yayasan Palung helped get this area […]

A Botanist’s View of the Rainforest

By Gunawan Wibisono, Surveyor and Botanist My name is Gunawan Wibisono and I am the newest staff member of Yayasan Palung/GPOCP. I originally come from a village called Pak Utan, in Toho District, Mempawah Regency in Kalimantan (Borneo). In 2015 I began studying Biology, in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Tanjungpura University […]

Technical Verification of Matan Jaya & Lubuk Batu Village Forest Proposals

By Hendri Gunawan, Hutan Desa Coordinator One form of Indonesia’s Social Forestry Initiative is the Hutan Desa (Village Forest). The government grants approval to village institutions to manage and utilize these Hutan Desa, with the aim of improving the welfare of village communities and environmental sustainability. In July 2021, Yayasan Palung/GPOCP, the community in Lubuk Batu Village […]

Bridging Society and Science: Temporal Seed Germination Visualization

By Mega Oktavia Gunawan, WBOCS Student Researcher Growth surrounds us – dynamic and often unexpected. People also grow, and this has happened to me, Mega. I come from the town of Ketapang in West Kalimantan, Indonesia and am currently studying Forestry at Tanjungpura University. In 2018, I was awarded a West Bornean Orangutan Caring Scholarship […]

All Staff Gather for 2023 Annual Meeting

By Petrus Kanisius, Environmental Education and Communications Coordinator Every year, Yayasan Palung (YP) holds an annual meeting. This year, the meeting took place from January 10th to 14th. Annual meetings like this have become somewhat of a tradition. All staff from both the conservation and research teams gather together. We like to call this “Keluarga Besar Yayasan […]