Daily Archives: April 2, 2021

Using Camera Traps to Study Mammals in Gunung Palung   Recently updated !

By Rani Ferdianty, Student Researcher Hi! My name is Rani Ferdianty, and I am in my final semester of university at the National University (UNAS) in Jakarta. At UNAS I am studying Biology because I really like animals and the living things around me. Apart from attending classes, I also help to manage two conservation […]

Customary Forests: Biodiversity Hubs and the Last Home for Wildlife   Recently updated !

By Erik Sulidra, Animal Protection and Rescue Coordinator As of 2021, GPOCP has established seven customary forests in the Gunung Palung landscape. These seven customary forests can be divided into three areas: First, is the customary forest of Batu Barat Jaya with an area of 454 hectares; Second, is the 6,799-hectare Sungai Paduan protected forest […]