Expedition: Nanga Tayap   Recently updated !

By Mariamah Achmad, GPOCP Environmental Education Manager One exciting new development in our conservation program this year is the addition of “Environmental Education Expeditions” to our repertoire of activities. These expeditions are designed to target remote communities around Gunung Palung National Park that also have relatively high rates of wildlife crime, and are part of […]

Elementary school students in Batu Mas village pose with endangered species coloring books published by GPOCP, with support from Orangutan Outreach.

GPOCP Research Director, Wahyu Susanto, gives a presentation on our research and conservation efforts in the Gunung Palung landscape at West Kalimantan's Orangutan Regional Meeting.

GPOCP Participates in West Kalimantan's Orangutan Regional Meeting   Recently updated !

By Wahyu Susanto, Research Director As one of the longest-running orangutan conservation organizations in West Kalimantan, GPOCP is often invited to government and private-led meetings and workshops intended to help strengthen conservation action. This month our Research Director, Wahyu Susanto, attended the Orangutan Regional Meeting in the provincial capital of Pontianak. This is a routine […]

A Taste of Life at Cabang Panti Research Station

By Petrus Kanisius, GPOCP Conservation Awareness and Media Officer “Unimaginable,” maybe that’s the right word for this experience. Truthfully, I couldn’t have imagined I’d have the opportunity to see the array of biodiversity and the beautiful charm of the rainforest in Gunung Palung National Park, but I was able to spend June 2nd-June 10th there […]

Field course participants, led by Dr. Cam Webb (green shirt), learn how to identify rainforest trees and plants.

Andrea takes aim with her bow-and-arrow in an attempt to collect samples high up in a tree (don't worry, she's an expert!)

How to Get a PhD in the Rainforest   Recently updated !

By Andrea DiGiorgio, Boston University PhD student Starting a dissertation is one of the most challenging and exciting periods of a graduate student”s life. I arrived in Indonesia in February, full of excitement and some anxiety. Since then, I have spent the last 2.5 months beginning my PhD research in Gunung Palung National Park. My […]

What I’m Reading in Conservation, and a Word about Optimism

By Cassie Freund, Program Director As the Program Director, a big part of my job is to keep up-to-date on conservation news – first and foremost about orangutans, but also about the conservation of the rainforest and other species on Borneo, and across Indonesia as a whole. Our work, to protect the orangutans in and […]

A Bornean bearded pig meets photographer Tim Laman in the forests of Gunung Palung National Park. (Photo © Tim Laman)