A Sad Day for Walimah   Recently updated !

By Dr. Cheryl Knott, GPOCP Executive Director July 29, 2015 is a day I’ll never forget. It was our first day back to the field station for summer vacation. We were searching for orangutans and Kat, the Research Manager, had just found 3 – all in the same tree! We quickly went over to see […]

Walimah as a baby in 1999 (left), and as a new mother in 2015 (right). How time flies!

A snapshot of Robert's video showing Codet as he drinks water directly from the river.  Photo © Robert Rodriguez Suro

The Lives of Orangutans

By Robert Rodriguez Suro, Researcher It’s 4:00 AM. Somewhere in the middle of the Bornean rainforest, a pair of hammocks hang among the trees and the leaf-littered ground. Within one of them, a watch alarm is going off, and I open my eyes to silence it. “Time to get up already?” After taking a couple […]

Bincang Hijau with GPOCP

By Cassie Freund, Program Director Disseminating information about orangutans, the rainforest, and other environmental issues through radio broadcasts has been in GPOCP’s repertoire of conservation activities for almost 17 years. During that time, we have reached an estimated 400,000 people per month, broadcasting thousands of talk shows and radio commercials promoting the conservation of the […]

GPOCP Environmental Education staff member, Petrus Kanisius, and a guest share information about orangutan conservation with radio listeners.

Adult female orangutan, Jumi, looks out through the canopy.
Photo © Rinaldi Gotama.

Green is the New Black

By Rinaldi Gotama, Research Assistant Three weeks ago I arrived at Cabang Panti Research Station in Gunung Palung National Park. Growing up in Jakarta and going to university in the large metropolitan city of Hong Kong, I had been surrounded by a concrete jungle my entire life. Living in the middle of a rainforest had […]