October Rescues Press Release

October 29, 2014 Four Bornean Orangutans Rescued in Ketapang in October Based on information gathered by Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program (GPOCP) investigators, a team comprised of officers from the Ketapang Police Department, the Ketapang Natural Resources Conservation Authority (BKSDA), and International Animal Rescue (IAR) have successfully rescued four Bornean orangutans that were illegally held […]

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Postcards from Borneo: My Rainforest Family

In this final edition from our PROOF blog, Cheryl Knott describes how an interest in researching orangutans grew into a lifelong quest to conserve the great ape and learn more about its connection with humans.

Postcards From Borneo: The Best Swimming Hole in Gunung Palung

In the latest edition of the PROOF blog, Jessica takes us on a tour of the forest, ending at a majestic waterfall swimming hole. While the waterfall itself is amazing, it is also surrounded by astounding and rare wildlife. Read more in Jessica”s post here.

Tim and Jessica


Orangutan Drawing Contest!   Recently updated !

To celebrate World Orangutan Day later this month (August 19th) we at GPOP are holding an orangutan drawing contest! We”re so excited to see your art, so grab your crayons, markers and colored pencils and get creative! All submissions will be featured on GPOCP social media and the top 3 from each age group will […]

Postcards from Borneo: The World's Stinkiest (but best) Fruit   Recently updated !

In the latest edition of the PROOF blog, Russell Laman explains why he likes durian and how this smelly fruit relates to orangutans. Did you know that “duri” in Indonesian online casino There is also a new mapping function to show a school’s location along with other san diego driving school in the same area. means […]