Appreciating Forest Mega-Flora   Recently updated !

By Kat Scott, Research Manager Hailing from the UK, I am used to ancient oak woodlands and man-made pine forests. Until coming to Borneo, I assumed that apart from the redwoods in America, British trees were the biggest that there were. However, having worked in Kalimantan for the past few years, I have quickly realized […]


GPOCP staff Feb 2016

Reflections on Two Years in Ketapang

By Cassie Freund, GPOCP Program Director     I’ve been here in Ketapang as the GPOCP Program Director for 25 months now, with just a handful of days to go until I hand over the keys to the GPOCP castle (so to speak!) and return to the US to start my PhD at Wake Forest University. The […]

Studying the Gardeners of the Forest

By Andrea Blackburn, Boston University Ph.D. Student After my first year at Boston University, I have just arrived in Indonesia for my first field season as a Ph.D. student, and I am excited to finally be returning to Borneo to follow orangutans! I previously worked as volunteer for nine months studying orangutans at the Tuanan […]

Seedlings emerge from the rainforest floor, the product of seeds that have been "planted" by traveling orangutans.

BOCS recipient, Victor Samudra (second from right) signs his scholarship agreement

Shaping a New Conservation Generation

By Cassie Freund, Program Director On June 26th, GPOCP awarded six new Bornean Orangutan Caring Scholarships, bringing the total number of young conservationists that we support to an impressive 19 students. This program, known in Indonesia as the BOCS, is a university scholarship program funded by the Orang Utan Republik Foundation and Orangutan Outreach. GPOCP […]

The Case of the Missing Flanged Males

By Agus Trianto, Botanical Research Assistant Last fall, especially the months of October and November, were very interesting months at Cabang Panti Research Station. During this period, we found a total of five flanged male orangutans in our study area. Almost every day we could hear long calls, and we even heard them at night […]