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By Mariamah Achmad, GPOCP Environmental Education Manager December was the first month of a new capacity-building initiative for GPOCP. Each staff on the conservation team will now have the opportunity to spend one week at Cabang Panti Research Station, so that we can learn more about orangutans, the forest, and the research project. This will […]

Mayi will use the knowledge she gained at Cabang Panti to enrich our Environmental Education program.

We created this billboard in honor of Orangutan Caring Week 2014.

Social Surveys for Orangutan Conservation

By Cassie Freund, Program Director One of the ongoing questions for the GP conservation team lies in how to best evaluate and measure our impact on orangutan conservation. Sometimes the effects of our activities, like wildlife crime investigations, are tangible and can be seen almost instantaneously, but our environmental education and conservation awareness programs present […]

Food from the Tree Tops

By Katherine Lauck, Research Assistant The research that I am helping with at Cabang Panti, for Ph.D. student Andrea DiGiorgio’s dissertation, seeks to better understand the diet of the Bornean orangutan. Andrea is a student of Dr. Cheryl Knott’s in the Anthropology Department at Boston University. Nutritional analysis has been a part of Dr. Knott’s […]

Katie hard at work in search of valuable data for Ph.D. student Andrea DiGiorgio's dissertation.

This flanged male probably set a record for the number of durians eaten in one "sitting"! Photo © Tim Laman.

Feature: Favorite Orangutan Follow Moments

By GPOCP Researchers Over the past 23 years, GPOCP researchers have spent over 70,000 hours studying wild orangutans. No two follows are ever the same, which makes for many exciting moments. In honor of Orangutan Caring Week this year, the current research team wrote up their favorite follow moments to be shared on our Facebook […]


By Petrus Kanisius, GPOCP Environmental Education Officer Earlier this month, on November 15th, we held our annual Orangutan Caring Week celebration. This year was a first in that we were in Sandai, a district that directly borders the eastern side of Gunung Palung National Park. Because the trip to Sandai requires a long, five-hour car […]

Students proudly show off their hands after adding their prints to our Orangutan Caring Week tree banner.