How to Get a PhD in the Rainforest

By Andrea DiGiorgio, Boston University PhD student Starting a dissertation is one of the most challenging and exciting periods of a graduate student’s life. I arrived in Indonesia in February, full of excitement and some anxiety. Since then, I have spent the last 2.5 months beginning my PhD research in Gunung Palung National Park. My […]

Andrea takes aim with her bow-and-arrow in an attempt to collect samples high up in a tree (don't worry, she's an expert!)

A Bornean bearded pig meets photographer Tim Laman in the forests of Gunung Palung National Park. (Photo © Tim Laman)

What I’m Reading in Conservation, and a Word about Optimism

By Cassie Freund, Program Director As the Program Director, a big part of my job is to keep up-to-date on conservation news – first and foremost about orangutans, but also about the conservation of the rainforest and other species on Borneo, and across Indonesia as a whole. Our work, to protect the orangutans in and […]

Crafting for Kalimantan's Future

By Cassie Freund, GPOCP Program Director At the end of April, GPOCP”s Sustainable Livelihoods team welcomed over 80 traditional artisans and supporters from across Indonesia for the 4th annual Weaver Meeting, a yearly activity for members of the Craft Kalimantan network. Craft Kalimantan is a consortium of six non-profit organizations that work together to promote […]

Products from across Kalimantan, including local hand-crafted baskets and teapots, on display at the Weaver Meeting.

Female = UmiJuvenile = Uok

Orangutans Like to Party!

By Kat Scott, Research Manager When I first got to Cabang Panti, I had heard legendary tales of up to 8 orangutans being seen feeding together in the same tree, sharing food, playing and sometimes even mating. These meetings, termed ‘parties’ by primatologists, are a regular occurrence according to the team. However, after two months […]

Reflections on a Year in Cabang Panti

By Becki Ingram, Research Volunteer Today began the way most days here do, up bright and early at 3:30 am with my colleagues, arriving at the orangutan nest not long after. I have to say, I will not miss these early morning starts! What I will miss, however, are the beautiful creatures I have risen […]