Reflections on a Year in Cabang Panti   Recently updated !

By Becki Ingram, Research Volunteer Today began the way most days here do, up bright and early at 3:30 am with my colleagues, arriving at the orangutan nest not long after. I have to say, I will not miss these early morning starts! What I will miss, however, are the beautiful creatures I have risen […]


Walimah as a carefree adolescent in 2009.

Walimah's Journey: From Newborn to New Mom   Recently updated !

Walimah had her world debut in the pages of National Geographic magazine. In the October 2003 issue she appeared as a tiny infant, only a few weeks old, clinging, with eyes shut, to her mother, Marissa. Since then, we’ve carefully observed her in every stage of her life as she has gone from a newborn […]

GPOCP Coloring Book   Recently updated !

GPOCP, with support from Orangutan Outreach, have recently published an Indonesian-language coloring book featuring Bornean rainforest biodiversity. This book will be distributed to children living in the communities surrounding Gunung Palung National Park, and we hope it will get them excited about the natural world casino around casino them! This is part of our environmental […]


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October Rescues Press Release

October 29, 2014 Four Bornean Orangutans Rescued in Ketapang in October Based on information gathered by Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation Program (GPOCP) investigators, a team comprised of officers from the Ketapang Police Department, the Ketapang Natural Resources Conservation Authority (BKSDA), and International Animal Rescue (IAR) have successfully rescued four Bornean orangutans that were illegally held […]

Postcards from Borneo: My Rainforest Family

In this final edition from our PROOF blog, Cheryl Knott describes how an interest in researching orangutans grew into a lifelong quest to online casino conserve the great ape and learn more about its connection with humans.