Tales of a Cabang Panti Summer   Recently updated !

By Amy Scott, Boston University Ph.D. Student The trek to Gunung Palung entails a 13 km hike after a bumpy 1.5 hour bus ride, but my trip to the forest started long before that. I began preparing for the field long before I left the US, before island-hopping in Indonesia to collect permits and getting […]

Benny and his mother, Beth, high up in the rainforest canopy.
Photo © Tim Laman.

Orangutans along the Mengkutup River in Central Kalimantan search for a path amid thick, acrid smoke. Photo © Tim Laman.

Peatlands, Carbon and the Climate

By Cassie Freund, Program Director “This is large-scale burning atop huge carbon stores that should not have ever happened.” – Robert Field, Columbia University/NASA Those of us keeping up with the news on the Indonesian forest fires have been inundated with information lately. And those of you who haven’t heard much news shouldn’t feel guilty […]

Extraordinary Behaviors: The Rare Sighting of a “Water Finger Drip”

By Becki Ingram (former research assistant) and Toto (Cabang Panti field assistant) The day began like any other. As with most orangutan research, our days at Cabang Panti start early and end late, sometimes with little variation and often involving long stretches without anything particularly unusual happening. But some days are indeed more exciting than […]

screenshot walimah

This photo from September 19th shows the extent of the burning in Tanjung Gunung, the village closest to Cabang Panti Research Site. An area of peat forest nearly 2 kilometers wide was burning here, resulting in dangerous haze levels. Photo © Kat Scott.

Borneo is Burning: Version 2015

By Cassie Freund, GPOCP Program Director Every year it feels like exactly the same story: the dry season begins, a few hot spots pop up, the dry season continues, and more and more hot spots appear, until it feels like all of Borneo and Sumatra are on fire. The air grows thick with smoke from […]

The Great Artocarpus Battle

By Kat Scott, Research Manager This story begins with Codet (as so many of my field stories do). April had brought rain showers and little else. Nothing in the forest was fruiting, so it seemed that most of the orangutans were resting somewhere out of our reach. We had only been following Bilbo, an unflanged […]

Bibi, and her new infant, join in the Artocarpus feeding frenzy.