Orangutan protection

What Do You Call an Orangutan in Indonesian?

By Petrus Kanisius, GPOCP Environmental Education Field Officer No, it’s not the beginning of a joke! In Bahasa Indonesia, the word “ekor”, meaning tail, is used to describe the number of animals in a group. At our conservation activities, though, GPOCP staff use the word “individu” (individual) when they talk about orangutans. Although it’s a […]

GPOCP Participates in West Kalimantan’s Orangutan Regional Meeting

By Wahyu Susanto, Research Director As one of the longest-running orangutan conservation organizations in West Kalimantan, GPOCP is often invited to government and private-led meetings and workshops intended to help strengthen conservation action. This month our Research Director, Wahyu Susanto, attended the Orangutan Regional Meeting in the provincial capital of Pontianak. This is a routine […]