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Code RED Newsletter Issues

Month & YearPublicationFeatured Articles
August 2019Code Red Vol. 80From Farmers to Facilitators: Natural Resource Assessment
Another Chance for Walimah
July 2019Code Red Vol. 79One Forest Project Field Course
Historical Data Leads to New Discoveries
June 2019Code Red Vol. 78Adventures in Borneo
Alfred, the rightful King!
May 2019Code Red Vol. 77The Warmth of London
Fulfilling Her Dreams in Borneo
April 2019Code Red Vol. 76Responsible Waste Management for Earth Day
Visiting Tuanan Research Station
March 2019Code Red Vol. 75

Conserving Forests using Honey Bees
Back to the Rainforest: A Fruitful Return
February 2019Code Red Vol. 74Jungle paradise for GPOCP's Annual Meeting
Mast in Gunung Palung
January 2019Code Red Vol. 73From Loggers to Community Champions through Organic Farming
How Orangutans and Plants Interact
December 2018Code Red Vol. 72The Future of Conservation
My Year with the Orangutans and Other Creatures in the Forest
November 2018Code Red Vol. 71Orangutan Caring Week Expedition
My Daily Life at Cabang Panti
October 2018Code Red Vol. 70
Eco-tourism in Gunung Palung
From the Lab to the Field
September 2018Code Red Vol. 69Teachers Making an Impact
Conflicts, Consorts and Copulations
August 2018Code Red Vol. 68

Code Red Vol. 73
Green Paradise
Party in the Mango Trees
July 2018Code Red Vol. 67Let's Cultivate Fish!
From Malaysia to Indonesia... But Still On Borneo
June 2018Code Red Vol. 66From Puppets to Environmental Education
Bringing Field Biology to the Girl Scouts
May 2018Code Red Vol. 65Biodiversity Flourishes in Customary Forests
My Three Years at Cabang Panti
April 2018Code Red Vol. 64Earth Day Every Day!
Life as a Botanical Assistant
March 2018Code Red Vol. 63We Moved... And Other Exciting Activities
Orangutans and Their Games
February 2018Code Red Vol. 62Preserving Travel and Culture for Future Generations
From Diana Monkeys to Orangutans
January 2018Code Red Vol. 61Inspired by ZACC
Meet Dania
December 2017Code Red Vol. 60Conservationists of the Future
Satu Pohon
November 2017Code Red Vol. 59GPOCP Goes to Germany
Drama in the Forest
October 2017Code Red Vol. 58Keeping with Tradition and Caring for the Earth
25 Years of the Gunung Palung Orangutan Project
September 2017Code Red Vol. 57UNTAN learns about Gunung Palung Opportunities
Bringing Research to the Village
August 2017Code Red Vol. 56Biodiversity in Customary Forests
A Final Forest Farewell...
July 2017Code Red Vol. 55GPOCP Works to Curb Waste Problems
Growing Families of Gunung Palung
June 2017Code Red Vol. 54 2017 Bornean Orangutan Caring Scholarship Recipients
#RainforestLive at Cabang Panti
May 2017Code Red Vol. 53 Protecting Forests through Supporting NTFP Artisans
Interning for a Future Career at Cabang Panti
April 2017Code Red Vol. 52Back to Borneo
Agroforestry and its Role in Land Transformation
March 2017Code Red Vol. 51Out of Office: Field Trip to Lubuk Baji
Staff Visit Cabang Panti for Field Course
February 2017Code Red Vol. 50 With a Little Love and Support, Our Artisans Enjoy Success
GPOCP Collaborates to Fight Fires
January 2017Code Red Vol. 49A Decade of Investigations
Reminiscing Cabang Panti and Gunung Palung National Park
December 2016Code Red Vol. 48 2016 in Review
The Start of a Wild Year
November 2016Code Red Vol. 47It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's a Drone!
Entwined Lives - The Story Behind the Photo
October 2016Code Red Vol.46Spreading Conservation Awareness Near and Far
Things that Go Bump in the Forest
September 2016Code Red Vol.45A Rainforest Internship
Rivers and Biodiversity Around Gunung Palung National Park
August 2016Code Red Vol. 44Close Encounters with Alfred and Walimah
Getting to Know Our Local Scholars
July 2016Code Red Vol. 43Reflections on Two Years in Ketapang
Appreciating Forest Mega-Flora
June 2016Code RED Vol. 42Shaping a New Conservation Generation
Studying the Gardeners of the Forest
May 2016Code RED Vol. 41All Hands on Deck for Hutan Desa
The Case of the Missing Flanged Males
April 2016Code RED Vol. 40Mapping for Orangutan Conservation
A Sad Day for Walimah
March 2016Code RED Vol. 39Bincang Hijau with GPOCP
The Lives of Orangutans
February 2016Code RED Vol. 38From Environmentally Destructive to Orangutan Friendly
Green is the New Black
January 2016Code RED Vol. 37What Do You Call an Orangutan in Indonesian?
Following the Orangutan Followers
December 2015Code RED Vol. 36Social Surveys for Orangutan Conservation
Food from the Tree Tops
November 2015Code RED Vol. 35#Sandai4Orangutan
Feature: Favorite Orangutan Follow Moments
October 2015Code RED Vol. 34Peatlands, Carbon, and the Climate
Tales of a Cabang Panti Summer
September 2015Code RED Vol. 33Borneo is Burning: Version 2015
Extraordinary Behavior
August 2015Code RED Vol. 32GP30+ Symposium
Cabang Panti Discovered
July 2015Code RED Vol. 31Expedition: Nanga Tayap
The Great Battle of the Artocarpus
June 2015Code RED Vol. 30A Taste of Life at Cabang Panti Research Station
GPOCP Participates in West Kalimantan's Orangutan Regional Meeting
May 2015Code RED Vol. 29How to Get a PhD in the Rainforest
What I'm Reading in Conservation, and a Word About Optimism
April 2015Code RED Vol. 28Orangutans Like to Party!
Crafting for Kalimantan's Future
March 2015Code RED Vol. 27Walimah's Journey: From Newborn to New Mom
Reflections on a Year in Cabang Panti
February 2015Code RED Vol. 26Heart of the Forest, Starring GP Artisans
Wilderness Medical Training for Cabang Panti Staff
January 2015Code RED Vol. 25Forest Conservation By Communities, for Communities
Strengthening Institutional Ties in Indonesia: Gunung Palung and Beyond
December 2014Code RED Vol. 24Operation Orangutan Rescue
The Many Faces of Ficus
November 2014Code RED Vol. 23Orangutan Caring Week
Spotlight: Orangutans of Cabang Panti
October 2014Code RED Vol. 22Community Learning and Conservation
On Primatology and "Real Jobs"
September 2014Code RED Vol. 21World Orangutan Day
Postcards from Borneo: Chasing Orangutans
August 2014Code RED Vol. 20Scholarship Recipients Give Back to Yayasan Palung
Two Years at Cabang Panti: A Reflection
July 2014Code RED Vol. 67Crafting Communities, One Village at a Time
An Intimate Encounter
June 2014Code RED Vol. 18Conserving Forests by Weaving Handicrafts
A Day To Remember
May 2014Code RED Vol. 17Spotlight: Wendy Tamariska
"I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane"
April 2014Code RED Vol. 16New Award and Partnership for GPOCP in Indonesia
A Day in the Life: Cabang Panti
February 2014Code RED Vol. 15Community Support: Orangutan Caring Week 2013
Assistant Spotlight: Rusda
October 2013 Code RED Vol. 14A Day to Reflect: World Orangutan Day 2013
Orangutan Regional Meeting 2013
August 2013Code RED Vol. 13Nature Lover Clubs From All Over Indonesia Visit Gunung Palung National Park
Welcome to Robert Suro Rodriguez
July 2013Code RED Vol. 12Conservation Through Spatial Planning
Kayong Utara Expo: Celebrating the Regency's 6th Anniversary & Expanding Artisan Markets
May 2013 Code RED Vol. 11Environmental Education Activites at SDN 15 Ketapang Elementary
Customary Forest and Community Forest National Meeting
April 2013 Code RED Vol. 10Orangutans are Protected but Not Protected
Non-Timber Forest Products- Generating Local Income and Protecting Forests
March 2013 Code RED Vol. 9Supporting Orangutans Through Silent Art Displays
Forest Reflections
February 2013 Code RED Vol. 8A Classroom with a Twist: Environmental Education in the Forest
Meet Hassan
December 2012 Code RED Vol. 7First National Step to Mitigating Human-Orangutan Conflict
Prosecuting Traders of Illegal Wildlife
November 2012 Code RED Vol. 6First Stepping Stones to a True Forest Life
Meet Hardianto
Spring 2012Orangutan Times Vol. 5Community Portrait: Sebadak Raya Village
Orangutan Caring Scholarships Announced!
Fall 2011Orangutan Times Vol. 4Economies and Ecotourism
Working With Local Authorities: Making Local Conservation a Top Priority
February 2011Orangutan Times Vol. 3Building Character Through Environmental Education
Orangutans Rescued by GPOCP Investigation Team
November 2010Orangutan Times Vol. 2Environmental Education Center Makes Room for More Programs
Helping Children See the Forest for the Trees
August 2010 Orangutan Times Vol. 1Inspiring Tomorrow's Conservationists
Bamboo Training Helps Conserve the Forest